For over 45 years the Wantage Music Festival has been encouraging aspiring musicians young and old and delighting audiences. Singers and instrumentalists alike have taken part in the joy of music making,  and the feedback they have received from our expert adjudicators has helped  many to progress their performing to the next level.

Now we have reached a crisis point. Without more volunteers we cannot continue the Festival. We really would be very sad if we have to discontinue the Festival after it has made such a difference to the musical life of Wantage and surrounding areas for so long.

If you think you can help in any way please come to the special meeting at Wantage Methodist Church at 8pm on Thursday 28th September 2023.

If you may be able to help but cannot come to the meeting, please contact our Vice Chair, David Lynch on 0755 435 0055 or Please also pass this on to anyone you know who may be able to help.

A big thank you to the Wantage Herald,  Round and About and other local publications for helping us to get the word out.




Wantage Music Festival provides an opportunity for singers and instrumentalists to perform before a supportive audience and receive expert feedback on how to improve their performance. The Festival receives entries from adults and children with all levels of skill. Some entrants enjoy music making as amateurs and some go on to make music their career. We are pleased to have helped all these people get more enjoyment from their music and gain valuable performing experience.

As you may be aware we were unable to run a Festival this year because we no longer have enough committee members to organise and run a Festival. To continue we need to recruit someone willing to lead the organisation as chair and three more people prepared to join the committee and take an active role in organising the Festival.

Can you help, or do you know someone who can? We are calling a General Meeting next Thursday 28th September 8.00pm at the Methodist Church, Wantage to discuss the future of the Festival. Regrettably if we don’t get the volunteers we need after that we will have to wind up the Festival. The Festival has contributed to the musical life of Wantage for over 45 years and we hope it has a future but this can only happen if we get more support.

If you would like more information about the Festival and what help is needed, please contact the vice-chair, David Lynch, or phone 0755 435 0055

It’s not too late to forward this invitation to anyone you know who is interested in music making in Wantage.

David Lynch (acting chair, WMF)