How to Amend Your Entry

Updating Piece Details in RMF

You can change your piece details through Run My Festival.

Here’s the blow-by-blow way to do it:

  1. Login to Wantage Music Festival on RMF   
  2. Click ‘Entry Forms’ in the top menu (highlighted in this screen grab)
  3. Click the ‘Load entry form’ button (highlighted in this screen grab). If you have more than one form then check the confirmation email to choose the right one.

You’ll then see all the entries on that form.

  1. You’ll see your piece details in blue under the ‘Pieces’ column
  2. Click the details to get to the edit dialog. (If your performance has more than one piece you will then need to select which piece to change with the edit (pencil) button on the left.) You can then change the piece Title (says Name which is misleading!), the Composer and the length.

Click the ‘Save’ (or ‘Update’ then ‘Save’) button to save and return to the entry form screen.

  1. If all is well, ‘Close’ the form and logout.