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Online Entry

We now accept online entries using the RunMyFestival platform.  32 UK festivals currently run on this system, so you might have already come across it.

We strongly recommend that you refer to the Syllabus when making an online entry with RunMyFestival. If there are discrepancies between RunMyFestival and the downloadable Syllabus, you should assume that the information in the Syllabus is correct.

If you want to pre-order a Festival Programme, posted to you, enter class 300.

If you wish to request the services of the Official Accompanist see here.

To access our online entry system to enter or to amend your entry, click on the button below (opens in a new window). First have a look at our Privacy Policy. Refer back to this page for instructions.


You need an Account

If you are a first-time user, enter your email below New Users Register Here, confirm it and click Register. You will receive an email to complete registration where you choose a password, choose profile(s) and enter your name, address and phone details.

Profiles are Entrant, Organisation, Parent/Guardian and Teacher and are explained. You must agree RunMyFestival’s Terms & Conditions and their Privacy policy before completing registration.

After you have completed registration, you can Login to your account at Existing Users Login Here. (You may need to scroll up). When you Login, you will see a page of instructions which you can print out. You can also view these Instructions later from a menu or see them here.

You need Entrants

Once logged in, your Home page shows your Entrants. If you didn’t select the Entrant profile at registration, you won’t see your name but you can create yourself as an Entrant. Use the top menu Entrants to create New Entrants. You can then complete brief New Entrant information. In the same menu, About Entrants gives useful help including how to upload Entrants in bulk – good for teachers.

Now you can Enter

The Enter button on the left of each Entrant starts an Entry. You will see the classes available for that Entrant. You can choose a section (e.g. String or Brass) or search for a class by number. No more than 12 classes are shown at once, so you may need to use the scroll buttons. Click Add To Basket and you will be asked for details of your Own Choice piece including time. Set Piece Name to ‘tba’ if you don’t know. You can add the details later, even after Checkout. Click Add To Basket to complete this Entry.

Your Basket

Click the button at the top right to view your basket. It is permanent. You can Logout and Login and the Entries will still be there until you Checkout. When you have completed your Entries use the Checkout button to submit your Entry Form and select payment method. Your Entries will be acknowledged by email.

Any Questions?

Next Year

The good news! Next year, your Login and your Entrants will still be there. A lot less to do!