Detailed Instructions For Adding Entrants

RunMyFestival uses the term Entrant to mean a person or a group of people who are entering the festival. Before you can enter the festival, you must create at least one Entrant.

An Entrant is one of the following:

Individual – a person performing on their own, who could be yourself, your child or a pupil of yours

Group With People – any group consisting of two or more named individuals such as a duet or a trio etc

Group By Size – a group that is known only by its name and whose members may change from day to day – such as a choir or community performing arts group.

This page displays the list of all your individuals and groups. From here you can create new ones or modify existing ones

To Create an Entrant:

Select Entrants from the top menu

Then select ‘New’ – this opens a sub menu

Select the type of Entrant you want to create (one of Individual, Group With People or Group By Size)

Against each Entrant in the list of Entrants is a button called ‘Enter’ which is in the left-hand column. Clicking this button is how you start the process of entering that Entrant into the festival. When the button is clicked, you will be taken to a page displaying the classes that are available for that Entrant.

If you wish to enter yourself and you don’t see your name in the list you can create yourself as an Entrant using the menu. The actual list displays the information about each Entrant including type, name and size. To edit the Entrant you can click the link on the name.

If you have lots of Entrants you can filter the list based on type or the name of the Entrant. To filter by type select a type from the drop down in the first column’s header below the ‘Type’ label.

If you want to find a specific Entrant you can type part of their name in the field in the second column’s header below the ‘Name’ label. The list will automatically redisplay shortly after you press a key. You can also sort the list by various columns using the little up/down arrows next to the column label.

If You Are a Teacher

it is possible to load your Entrants in bulk. This is done by filling in details in a file that you can download, edit and then upload again.

This upload facility is only for loading Individuals or Groups by Size. Each file contains instructions

To Load the Individuals in Bulk:

  1. Select Entrants from the top menu
  2. Select Upload Entrants
  3. Select Download Individuals Template
  4. Open the file on your computer and follow the instructions
  5. When you have finished editing, close the file before uploading
  6. To load up the file of Individuals select Entrants from the top menu
  7. Select Upload Entrants
  8. Select Load Entrants File
  9. Follow the instructions on the screen