Your Chance to Listen

If you enjoy listening to live music the Wantage Music Festival provides a plethora of it! Young and not-so-young musicians from all around bring their favourite pieces to play and be heard by the audience and an adjudicator who provides expert guidance both on the aspects of the performance that communicate well as well as what could be looked at to take the performance to a higher level.

The audience provides the musicians with the chance to communicate their performance which is valuable to those who don’t often get that opportunity. For the audience it is like listening to a masterclass, and every year they get the chance to hear some exceptional performances.

take place over two weekends and are open for audience members. One £3 ticket guarantees admission to all classes on both weekends. Children free. More information here.

On the third Saturday afternoon there is a festival finale with some of the finest performances, including the play-offs for instrumental prizes and also presentation of other prizes.

Meet our 2019 Adjudicators and Accompanists!

We are delighted to introduce our adjudicators and accompanist for 2019! All are highly experienced musicians with extensive experience of performing and teaching.

They have won many prizes between them, so they know what it is like to compete in a music festival. They also know how to communicate their love of music through both their singing or playing and their teaching.

For the entrants it is a chance to have their performance evaluated by a top professional. Each performer receives a certificate and a marksheet with helpful comments on their performance.

For those who come to listen it is like attending a masterclass as they hear the performances followed by the adjudicators’ summing up, often with tips to help the performers develop their singing or playing,

Our performers also have the opportunity to  be accompanied by our highly qualified official accompanist, this year at no extra cost, although some choose to bring their own accompanist.

Paul Turner is a highly experienced recitalist both in the UK and internationally and excels in a wide range of genres. He will have at his disposal the Hall’s two world class concert sized grand pianos: a 7ft 5in Fazioli F228 and a 6ft 7in Shigeru Kawaia 7ft 5in Fazioli F228 and a 6ft 7in Shigeru Kawai.