Adjudicators and Accompanists for 2019

The adjudicators are there to hear the performances and provide customised advice to all, from beginners to professional musicians, and to help them know what the next steps can be to further improve their performances.
All our adjudicators are highly experienced performers and teachers. They know what it is like to stand up in front of an audience and pass on their love of music, and how to help others do this more effectively.
We can now announce that our adjudicators have been selected for 2019. They have been chosen for their ability both to identify how performance can be polished and to present this in a way to leave the performers keen to put it into practice.
The adjudicators are:
Piano :                                                         Ruth Gerald
Strings, Woodwind and Brass:    Kay Tucker 
Vocal :                                                         Maria Jagusz
                                                                        Sarah Jefferies 
Once again we have the privilege of accomplished and supportive piano accompaniments played by Paul Turner on the top-rated Fazioli piano at The Hall at Challow Park.

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