Wantage Music Festival takes the protection of children and vulnerable adults very seriously. Our Safeguarding Policy, developed with support from the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech, is in the Syllabus. It will be distributed to all entrants, and copies will be available at the Festival. It is also available below. A photo permission slip is available here.

Implemented from 2005
Revised January 2020

WANTAGE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION,                                Challow Park, Challow Road, Wantage, OX12 9RH
CHAIRMAN: Graham Blyth                                                              SECRETARY: Emma Carter                                                                      TREASURER: Gay Cooper
VENUE: The Hall at Challow Park, Challow Road, Wantage, Oxon


The safety of children and members of other vulnerable
groups is paramount and all, without exception, have the
right to protection from abuse in any form, physical,
psychological, sexual or neglect. All suspicions and
allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to
swiftly and appropriately and all the charity’s trustees, staff
and volunteers have a responsibility to report concerns.
Throughout this Policy, where “children” are mentioned, this
also includes members of other vulnerable groups and where
the word “parent” or “parents” is used it includes guardians
and carers.


The objectives of the Wantage Music Festival Association
are to advance, promote and encourage generally the study
and practice of the art of music. In furtherance of these
objectives, the Association organises an annual Music
Festival, and occasional workshops, to which professional
adjudicators and accompanists are invited providing a
platform for amateur performance combined with an
educational element.


The Festival is based in Challow Park, a private house with a
purpose-built performance space. It is run entirely by
volunteers. We admit members of the public to the reception
and entrance areas and the performance hall. It is the policy
of our Festival to inform and involve parents and teachers in
partnership with the Festival organisers and helpers in order
to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, a safe
environment at our Festival. We do this by ensuring that you
receive a copy of this policy at the time you are making
arrangements to attend our Festival.


This policy relates to children under the age of 18 years and
members of vulnerable groups of any age whose needs are
identified to the organisers by parents and/or teachers prior to
their arrival at the Festival. This should be done by
contacting the address at the foot of this document. Our
Festival actively seeks, wherever possible, to meet these
needs, but must know beforehand in order to prepare support
– or to let you know we are unable to help.


Wantage Music Festival is run entirely by volunteers.
Members of the Committee and Official Festival
Accompanists (referred to hereafter as Festival personnel)
are recruited by recommendation from other committee
members. There are short descriptions for all jobs of
committee members and helpers, and these are reviewed in
order to ascertain whether a disclosure from the Disclosure
and Barring Service is required. Where Official Festival
Accompanists rehearse at the Festival venue in the
designated practice rooms, parents must satisfy themselves
that their child or vulnerable adult will be accompanied by a
responsible adult. All Festival personnel will sign in when in
attendance at the Festival and records of their names,
addresses and reference material where appropriate will held
by the committee. All Festival personnel will be identified by
clearly displayed badges stating their role at the Festival.
Any person wearing a badge can be approached at any time
with a problem and will be able to direct you via the Festival
Reception Desk to the session’s designated Committee member who will deal with it. Every problem will be taken
seriously, documented and dated. A private area is available
for such discussions.


A copy of this Policy is sent out with the timings sheets to
the person who sent in the entry form. It is their
responsibility to ensure that all parents are familiar with its
contents. If an entry is made on behalf of an entrant under 18
years old or a vulnerable adult, the Festival rules require the
person submitting that entry to sign a declaration that either
they are the parent or that they will ensure that the policy
will be distributed to the parents. Where we do not receive
that declaration, entries cannot be accepted. A further copy
will be displayed at the Festival Reception Desk during the
Festival. Where parents are not personally attending with
their charges, the Policy requires them to be satisfied that
their charges will be accompanied to the Festival and
adequately supervised by responsible adults acting on their


Whilst the performance hall will be supervised by Festival
personnel, public areas will not be supervised. These include
toilets, refreshment areas and areas outside buildings as well
as those parts of the venue buildings not in use by the
Festival. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children
or members of vulnerable groups are adequately supervised
in areas not supervised by Festival personnel.


All photography and video recording during adjudicated
performances is prohibited. Where performers are
photographed outside the performance hall, they should
ensure that they have handed in their written Photo
Permission Form at the Reception Desk (Permission Forms
are available from the desk, or in advance of the festival
through the web site). It is the parents’ responsibility to
ensure that any responsible adult attending with their
charge(s) is aware that this form must be used at the Festival.
Press are not allowed to take photographs during
performances. Where parents do not wish their charge(s) to
be included in a posed press photograph, it is the
responsibility of the responsible adult attending with the
charge(s) to ensure that they are not included.


The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974; The Children Act
1989; The Police Act 1997; The Data Protection Act 1998;
The Human Rights Act 1998; The Protection of Children Act
1999; The Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000,
The Children Act 2004, The Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.


The organizers will regularly review their policy revising and
enhancing it as necessary. In doing this they will look to The
British & International Federation of Festivals for support
and that body, in turn will look to other agencies for good
practice, most notably the NSPCC and Arts Council of
England policy guidelines.

Festival Safeguarding Officer David Lynch, 50 Fyfield
Close, Wantage OX12 8HN Version 2020


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