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Personal Data and Privacy By Design

If you have entered the Festival, been associated with it in any way, or requested details of it, we may have personal data such as your name, email address, telephone number, postal address and in some cases your age. We may also have information about the music you have chosen to play and your instrument or voice. Our systems are designed so that we collect no more personal data than we believe is necessary or we are required to collect by law.

If you have entered someone else, they, or their parents if children, have a right to see this privacy policy.  Children who are old enough to understand, including those aged 13 or over, have a right to see this policy and to make decisions about their own data.


When you send in an entry and payment on behalf of yourself or anyone else we contract to arrange for the entrant(s) to perform in front of an expert adjudicator and receive verbal and written feedback. We use the information you give us to plan the programme and to contact you with relevant information including class times and dates.

Most communications will be by email if you provide an email address, but we may phone you if we need to get in touch urgently, or contact you by post if we need to send you something.

Online entries are processed by RunMyFestival, provided by Mushram Ltd, which is based in England. We also use RunMyFestival to process paper entry forms. Its privacy policy can be found here. Entrants are individuals or groups who make Entries in one or more classes to perform at the Festival. Account Users are those who submit entries and may be teachers, parents, group administrators or entrants themselves. We do not require individual details for group members unless required by law.

Online payments are processed by PayPal, which acts as a bank and tells us how much you have paid. It identifies you to us by your name and email address, and sometimes also includes your postal address and phone number if it has that information.

For each entry the entrant’s name (or group name), class (which may include age range), instrument or voice and title of music will be published in the printed programme. The programme can be pre-ordered or purchased by members of the public at the Festival and from selected outlets for a couple of weeks before the Festival, but is not available online. We consider an appearance in the printed programme to be a valuable part of the experience of performing, and many entrants will wish to keep a copy of the programme as a souvenir. If you wish your name not to appear, please contact

Previous Entrants

If you have previously submitted entries to the Festival we have a legitimate interest in informing you about future Wantage Music Festivals and other related events such as the AGM, festival-sponsored concerts etc. You may opt out of receiving these emails at any time by clicking the link provided on the email or by notifying .

Mailing List

If you have been associated with the Festival or shown interest in it in the past, we have a legitimate interest in continuing to give you information about it. We may send emails with relevant information including details of future festivals and associated events such as the AGM and Festival concerts to those who have requested it by signing up to our mailing list or otherwise given consent.

The mailing list is administered using Mailchimp. You can amend your details or unsubscribe from the mailing list using the link shown at the bottom of each email you receive, or contact All mailing lists administered by MailChimp are separate so unsubscribing from a Wantage Music Festival list will not unsubscribe you from other mailing lists processed by MailChimp.

MailChimp servers are based in the USA, but MailChimp has certified to the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework . Its privacy policy can be found here. For the purpose of MailChimp’s privacy policy, Wantage Music Festival is a member and mailing list subscribers are called contacts,


We would like to thank you for your help, without which it would be very difficult to run the Festival. The Helpers Co-ordinator keeps a record of your contact details so he or she can send you specific information about your role as well as general information about the Festival, and can invite you to volunteer again in future years. This is our legitimate interest. If you wish your details to be amended or removed, or if you prefer to be contacted only by certain means (e.g. email, telephone, post) please contact the Helpers Co-ordinator. If you would like to be added to the register of volunteers you are welcome to contact the helpers’ co-ordinator.


In the case of correspondence with people not in the above groups, e.g. adjudicators, sponsors etc., contact details are normally kept by the committee member responsible for the correspondence. Contact details may be passed on to another committee member if relevant to that person’s responsibilities, or if responsibilities change, but will not be shared with all committee members or even with all trustees.

We may use or link to publicly available information to promote the festival or to express our gratitude to sponsors, as well as using information provided to us for that purpose such as adjudicators’ biographies. Please tell the committee member you have been dealing with if you do not want us to do this.

Keeping Your Data

Our accounting year ends on 30th September every year.  Accounting records including invoices, records of payments to us, PayPal data and donations including Gift Aid must be kept for a further 6 years by law.

Other Festival entry data will be held until the end of October in order to produce the accounts and perform any other analysis that may be required by the AGM or our insurers. After that all entries will be deleted. It will then be possible to delete Entrants and User Accounts, or they may be retained for use in future years. If any help is required with this please contact

Sharing Your Information

Your information may be processed by RunMyFestival or by MailChimp as described above, and these may subcontract some processing as described in their privacy policies, but will keep it confidential. We may share or retweet relevant Facebook or Twitter posts under standard Facebook and Twitter terms, which are governed by your privacy settings. We do not pass your details on to any other organisations except as may be necessary for the processing or inspection of financial accounts or for the NHS Track and Trace service unless required to do so by law.


If we are required by law to pass your data on to organisations other than those mentioned we shall endeavour to inform you unless prohibited by law, and will include any relevant rights you may have such as the right to object.

Track and Trace

Visitors who are not able or willing to log in using the NHS app and QR code for any reason and for whom we do not already have the required contact information may be asked to provide contact information on arrival in the public interest. In that case we retain this information for at least 21 days or as long as may be required at the time by the NHS Track and Trace service, after which we shall delete it.