Strings Including Guitars

Bowed string and plucked string players of all ages are welcome in this section, which includes a number of guitar classes as well as general string classes. Soloists are eligible to be nominated for the John Durrant prize worth £100 (for ages 18 and under) or the Ken Cooper cup (over 18s).

You can play any piece you wish in the solo classes for ages ranging from 9 and under to over 18. We also have grade classes for those would like to perform something they have learned while studying for grade exams. And there are recital classes for those who would like to give a slightly longer performance.

Perform with a friend or family member in one of the duet classes. Larger groups can perform in the string ensemble class  whether they are a string quartet, a ukelele or guitar ensemble or even a small string orchestra of up to 15 players.

See also the Miscellaneous section for details of classes such as  concerto, composition, entertainment and the special 40th Anniversary class.